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Dear Santa,

My wife is serving jellied cranberry sauce once again this year for Christmas dinner and I HATE that stuff! I need the very best PCP airgun you can get me ASAP to destroy the 4 cans of this crap before Dec. 25th. I'd also like an awesome scope adapter and video camera to film my hunts and airgunning adventures. Here are some links for your elves:



I helped her unload the groceries and have hidden the cans in the garage, but I need to destroy these FAST! With massive explosive jellied destruction shooting Nick Nielsen's NSA 30 cal slugs - I think it will take care of the problem!

You can get them here: https://nielsenspecialtyammo.com/collections/30-cal/products/47-2-grain-200-count-300-slug-nsa

I know I will have to open it early to take care of this situation before Christmas morning, but I have been a really good boy this year and think I deserve a cranberry sauce free holiday season and an awesome new rifle.

So here is what I want:

* It needs to be made in the USA!
* .30 caliber with match grade barrel
* Black/Grey Laminate LRT (Long Range Target) Stock
* Carbon Fiber shroud
* Picatinny scope rail
* Fully adjustable trigger with safety catch
* 480cc Carbon Fiber Bottle
* Fill Pressure 230 BAR (3,335 PSI)
* Fully regulated
* M-Lok rail for mounting accessories
* Height adjustable cheek piece and butt pad
* Did I mention - it needs to be made in the USA!

If you don't have time to make one for me, you can order one from Airgun Depot today because they have FREE 3 day shipping on orders over $249.


Chris Turek

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