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Planning an Airgun Hunt for Iguana in Florida with the Hatsan Vectis 25

Setting up an Airgun Hunt for Iguana in Florida with the Hatsan Vectis .25. I didn't use personal connections or ask for outside help, but relied on online resources to research iguana hunting in Florida, understand the applicable laws, find an outfitter, and ultimately schedule the trip and all the logistics (airfare, lodging, car,).

My gun of choice on this hunt was the Hatsan Vectis in .25 caliber which has become a favorite this year, along with JSB Hades pellets. Join me onsite as we cruise the canals in a 17 bass tracker, full of cameras, airguns and associated paraphernalia, to go after this invasive species!


I had wanted to retrieve the Hades pellets from iguanas to check on expansion, however we found complete pass through in every carcass. It was clear however, that the exit wound was significantly larger than the entry wound suggesting expansion of the pellet.


Hatsan Vectis: https://hatsan.com.tr/product/vectis/
Outfitter: https://southfloridafishingandhunting.com/iguana-hunting/

JSB Hades Pellets: https://www.pyramydair.com/product/jsb-match-diabolo-hades-25-cal-26-54gr-pointed-300-ct?p=1560

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