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ODEPRO KL52 Plus Hunting Flashlight Long Term Testing - Is it Worth It?

If,  after you watch the video you want to get one for yourself, try this link. Odepro KL52Plus: https://amzn.to/3ciCCrG
You can also just Google Amazon Odepro

If you want to order one, they are offering Wisconsin AirGunners a 20% discount!
Enter This Code at Checkout on Amazon: FNYXBBVD

First - Thanks to the good people at Odepro Outdoor Store on Amazon.com for sending me this flashlight kit! My previous "top choice" for green hunting and scanning lights has finally met its match.

Picking up a flashlight and seeing if it's a good choice is easy. You look at the box...This one is high quality with custom cut foam and secure latches. It's well constructed, and I'm sure you could drop it off the truck with no problems or worry about damage. Once open you can check the accessories. Two mounts for scope or gun barrel. Pigtail on-off switch. Two batteries and a DECENT CHARGER! I'm so sick of crappy chargers. I must have four of them that I should just pitch into the trash from other lights I've bought! And you can change the "pill" AKA the light module inside the head-to any one of four selections...white, red, green and 850 IR! How awesome is that?

Before you start talking about other lights that switch with a button press, if you want quality light, and I mean bright light, then you are better off with one that has dedicated LED's not a unit with several diodes crammed into one head.

My primary use for the light is to have a green "pill" in. Why green? When I'm shooting pests like skunks or pigeons or scanning a field for predators the light will pick up and reflect their eyes. The reflection is very bright and easy to see, for us...but they don't notice or care. A white light will often spook them, but the green is almost invisible.

Back to the question of "How do I know if this is a good light?" The unfortunate thing with a light that you can't see in the flesh before you buy it is that you don't really know how it's going to perform in the field. That's what this video is about. If you're in the market for a hunting flashlight check this video out I've done my very best to give you an idea of how this light will perform, at least in its green light mode, under a variety of field conditions.

In my testing the light performed flawlessly, provided even and bright light. The battery life was good and I found the fit and finish of the flashlight itself to be well above average. Everything that was supposed to fit did and everything that moved did so smoothly and easily.

The challenge I faced in showing you how the light looks revolves around the difficulty that my cameras had showcasing the quality of the light. I have in this video several samples but I must say the light is brighter to the naked eye then it appears to be in the video.

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