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*NEW* RMPA Precision Rifle Chassis System (PR-CS) \\ Airforce Talon And Condor

RMPA Precision Rifle Chassis System (PR-CS) Airforce Talon And Condor

- Sleek, modern styling to update your favorite AirForce Talon SS or Condor SS (the front-most screw slot and screw are not required for the Condor SS models). Rugged design and stainless-steel hardware will work in the toughest of conditions. Chassis systems aren’t just for the import brands anymore.

- 9” of useable ARCA style rail for bipods, PRS style sandbag systems, tripods, and more. It also provides a nice flat surface for resting on sandbags.

- A flush-mount, full rotation QD sling cup is installed in the front rail section and a QD sling mount cup with hardware is included to mount to your factory AirForce butt plate to allow the use of a 2-point style sling. These are also compatible with any QD mount traditional style sling studs or most QD sling swivel (studs, swivels, and sling are not included).

- A built-in serrated barricade stop allows you to steady the rifle in the field, so you can get that perfect shot even while resting on a fence post, tree, stump, or other surfaces. It has only horizontal serrations, to allow panning/rotating on your resting surface while maintaining a firm, non-slip grip.

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