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Making Biltong How To Make South African Jerky!!

In this video I'll show you how we make Biltong, which is a South African approach to drying meat somewhat similar to jerky...... but different (and I like it more)!

This is a simple and fast way to make a supply of this delicious dried meat for hunting, hiking, camping........ it's even good for snacking on whilst being a couch potato...... it's always great!!

I started by making a biltong box, which is simple to construct, and for materials requires only a large plastic tub with a lid, a computer fan, a light bulb and fixture, some dowling, small stainless steel meat hooks, and basic tools ( a drill, saw, and screw driver). The list of ingredients I use is presented in this video.

More details on how the box is built can be found in an article I wrote for Fur-Fish-Game many years ago, and is posted on my website at:



There are many recipes for the spice rub, and you can tweak the recipe to find what you like best. My friends and family in South Africa guard theirs like it was gold!

This video is a departure from my typical content, if you liked it and want to see more like this, let me know.......... also give me a thumbs up and subscribe!

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