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Is the PBBA Airgun Shotgun the BEST EVER?

Check this one off my big bore bucket list! I’ve been waiting years to get my hands on one of these. If you are looking for a prime example of Americana Big Bore Airgun Heritage - this is it! The Professional Big Bore Airguns (PBBA) 20 gauge shotgun from the airgunner legend Terry Tate! Contact Terry on his Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/terry.tate.5872

Terry reached out to me when he saw the Tungsten shot testing with airgun shotguns and said I needed to test his out. My answer. Hell ya I do! This got here just in time for me to test before my trip to Tennesee Turkey hunting trip a few months ago. I’m gonna make a bold claim..... Best solution hands down for an Airgun shotgun. Full stop. Period.

That’s a big statement, but here’s why. Terry’s approach to blending traditional firearm components, designs, and processes into an Airgun platform is an approach more manufacturers should follow.

#1 When I shoulder this thing, it feels similar to my old Remington 20 gauge shotgun as far as ergonomics and how the aiming bead just lines up perfectly with my sight picture. I would 100% take this duck hunting, pheasant, grouse, or any shots taken on the wing.

#2 Terry’s approach to these shot shells is hands down the best approach out there. In all the Airgun shotguns I’ve prototyped or testing, the one thing that has always been a challenge is the shot cartridge and how you load the gun. The PBBA has this mastered! The reloadable aluminum shot shells with a simple o-ring is genius!

You can get reloading wads and shot shell components used for 20 gauge reloading and put together some serious custom hand loads. Tungsten? Yup! Tungsten Lead Mix? Yup! Mix shot size? Yup!

#3 Terry’s approach to shotgun chokes is genius. Wanna know what he did? Wait for it..... He used actual shotgun chokes! That’s right! No custom 3rd party Airgun only approach to a typical component you could normally find in any sporting goods store. He went with common internal threaded Tru-Choke specification so now you can test a ton of different options of any choke that has the Tru-Choke threading. Waterfowl chokes, small game, skeet, Turkey, and all other standard choke sizes will work with this thing!

#4 This thing is also quite versatile in that you can drop in a rifled 45 cal rifle barrel and shoot slugs or sling air bolts with it. It’s an all in one Airgun for every season!

I know this isn’t a new Airgun in our industry, but it’s one I’ve been dying to shoot. Terry is a master craftsman and can’t wait to see what he comes up with next! I did get a chance to chase some birds in Tennessee with it, but I couldn't seal the deal. Duck / goose hunting is this fall and will get another chance at drawing first blood with this awesome airgun shotgun! Wish me luck!

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