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Hatsan Piledriver 50 caliber + MR Hollow Point Slugs

When you think of Hatsan, you think of power, and that's exactly what you get with the Hatsan PileDriver PCP air rifle. This big bore bad boy delivers over 700 FPE in .45 caliber and over 800 FPE in .50 caliber, making it an absolute leader in the airgun market. That's definitely enough power to take down any game you'll find in North America, and there are YouTube videos out there to prove it. This bullpup rifle manages to provide all of that power using a 33" barrel while coming in at just under 47" total length. It has a large single shot loading port that can handle ammo up to 34mm long and cocks easily with a long sidelever. Although the Hatsan PileDriver is fairly heavy at 10 pounds, that weight is mostly centered thanks to the bullpup design. It has a 480cc carbon fiber tank that fills to 300 BAR, which gives you 4-6 shots in the .45 cal and 3-5 shots in the .50 cal before velocity and POI are suboptimal. The PileDriver PCP has an elevation and angle adjustable buttpad to go with its elevation adjustable locking cheek piece, giving you maximum comfort and repeatable sight alignment. It also features an ergonomic synthetic advanced polymer thumbhole stock with an all-weather pistol grip. Hatsan has included their two stage adjustable Quattro trigger, so whether you're out in the field shooting big game or out at the range shooting paper, this rifle gives you precision to go along with best in class power.

Hatsan Piledriver Features:
Available in .45 (.457) and .50 (.510) caliber
480cc Carbon Fiber Bottle
300 BAR (4,350 PSI) Fill Pressure
Precision Rifled Barrel
Bullpup Design
Quattro Trigger
Long Sidelever for easy cocking action
Synthetic Thumbhole stock with adjustable cheekpiece
Angle and elevation adjustable buttpad
11mm dovetail/weaver combo scope rail
3 Picatinny accessory rails mounted around the air cylinder
Utilizes a fill probe threaded to 1/8" BSPP
Large loading port accomodates ammo up to 34mm long
4-6 shots in .45 cal, 3-5 shots in .50
700 FPE in .45 cal, 800+ FPE in .50

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