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1st Dec 2020
The all new FX Maverick Compact in .25 cal is here! What happens when you mash up an FX Impact MKII and FX Wildcat MKIII then sprinkle in a bunch of innovation? You get one of the most powerful and versatile Airguns EVER!

Here are some quick data points from my testing:
* Regulated at 150 bar in 500cc barrel compact form
* 850 FPS 34 grain FX Pellets
* 925 FPS 25.4 grain FX Pellets (Tuned down to 905 for best accuracy)
* Getting around 60-70 shots per full 250 bar fill with 25.4 grain pellets
* FX Smooth Twist X Superior Liner to shoot both pellets and slugs, but I will be showing slug performance in the upcoming Sniper configuration video
* I am getting Extreme Spreads consistently below 10 FPS across an entire 16 shot magazine!

Gear used in this video:
* FX Maverick Compact in .25 cal: https://utahairguns.com/fx-maverick/
* Element Optics Titan: https://utahairguns.com/element-titan-5-25x56-ffp
* DonnyFL TATSU Suppressor: https://utahairguns.com/donnyfl-tatsu-moderator/
* Atlas Bipods Cal 2: https://utahairguns.com/cal-atlas-bipod-gen-2/
* Air Venturi Nomad II Compressor: https://utahairguns.com/air-venturi-nomad-ii-4500-psi-portable-pcp-compressor-out-of-stock/
* Tactacam Spotter LR: https://utahairguns.com/tactacam-spotter-lr/
* FX Hybrid Slugs: https://utahairguns.com/fx-hybrid-slugs/
* Unburdened Bourbon Whiskey from the 68 Whiskey Channel: https://grazinspirits.com/in-the-bottle

Some are calling the FX Maverick the love child of the FX Impact and FX Wildcat, but there is some DNA of the FX Dreamline in here as well. But it is the new features ONLY found in the FX Maverick that makes this airgun one of the most consistent and accurate airguns I have have ever shot. PERIOD.

I’ve spent the last week testing this thing and all I can say is WOW! There are so many things I want to show you about the FX Maverick from the dual regulators and the MASSIVE 89cc Power Plenum. In this video I cover why the new dual regulator system is a game changer. Especially here in Michigan where our temperatures are often below freezing for a good part of the year. Regulator creep can really mess up your shot groups and I talk about how the dual regulator system is an answer to this problem.

As always, I want to show how fun these guns are to shoot and the FX Maverick did not disappoint. As a demonstration of the accuracy and consistent pellet on pellet performance, my good buddy Rick Rehm from Shooter1721 threw down a Cranberry Sauce challenge that I just couldn't resist. If you don't like canned jellied cranberry sauce, make sure to watch till the very end and check out my FX Cranberry Sauce recipe with a little help from some of my air gunner buddies Keith and Norm at 68 Whiskey. Make sure to subscribe and follow me for more recipes!

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