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Doing Airgun Hunting with my Fx Impact is a day well spent. The Fx Impact M3 is the latest model from Fx Airguns. This latest model is really the king of hunting when it comes down to pest control and long range shooting. My friend and i is keen airgun hunters and is always out there to improve our shooting skills. On this day we went out to do some target shooting and got caught un a unexpected hunt. We find ourselves taking down pigeons and recording some mind blowing footage.
This is a good hunting video that display good ethical airgun hunting and pest control.

Here is the setup and settings for my air gun:

Fx Impact M3 Sniper
Fx slug power kit installed (pin probe and hammer weight)
Superior Heavy Slugliner
Valve adjuster setting 4+
Macro adjsuter 16
Micro adjsuter 4
Regulator 1 (195-200bar)
Regulator 2 (160bar)
Saber Tactical bodykit (arca rail, cheek riser, bag rider, adjustable budstock)
Scope: Element Nexus APR-1C MRAD
Donnyfl Koi Silencer

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