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FX Crown MKII 30 cal and Saber Tactical Chassis Find Your Harmonic Slug Shooting Zen!

The FX Crown MKII bedded in a Saber Tactical Chassis is the most adjustable precision Airgun shooting platform available on the market right now. Big claims - I know, but hear me out....

Right out of the box I loved the low scope over bore height form factor of this rig. As compared to other Airguns in this precision category of PCPs, the FX Crown MKII takes on the design and characteristics of a precision long range shooting tool like you’d find in shooting disciplines and rigs our powder burner brothers and sisters run.

The 700mm barrel Sniper configuration increases your shot efficiency without the pressure behind the valve having to do all the work. The 28% increase in plenum size with precision porting and a new larger valve on the MKII (6.5mm valve) give the FX Crown MKII the ummmph needed to push slugs.

I hear Airgunners new to slug slinging ask why a slug that is relatively the same grain weight of a pellet needs more power to reach similar velocities. It comes down to the bearing surface of a slug vs. a pellet is quite a bit more. More surface contact = more friction = lower velocity.

So the FX Crown MKII has the “lungs” to push these higher BC pills. But bigger lungs is all ya need right? Nope! I’ve experienced the same level of frustration a lot of you have had trying to sling smaller caliber (.30 cal and smaller) slugs from an Airgun, but have found the secret sauce needed to turn that frown upside down.

Want to know the biggest reason trying to find the sweet spot of accuracy for slugs can seem like it’s too damn difficult? To be blunt... We are spoiled by pellets. I can get any FX Airgun I own shoot MOA or better at 100 yards on a windless or low wind day with pellets in my sleep. But every new slug I get my paws on turns into a wrestling match of messing with the regulator and hammer spring tweaking upon tweaking upon tweaking. A lot of Airgunners see their initial results and throw their hands in the air and claim xyz slug is rubbish!

Trust me. Just stick to it and keep trying various combinations and you will find that harmonic accuracy node. I’m still smiling after I found mine today with the FX 44.5 grain Hybrids.

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