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FX Airguns Maverick Long Range Build Stretch Those Legs!

The FX Maverick is really shaping up to be an amazing long range tool of precision! Shooting extreme long range with big bore airguns has been an absolute blast and I keep pushing myself and my equipment further and further, but small bore PCP Airguns like the FX Maverick inherently are MUCH more of a precision tool. The last few years I've gotten more and more into small bore stuff and finding some strategies and gear that can get me out there pretty damn far.

The biggest differences between big bore and small bore is the ammo and the ability to shoot large and heavy for caliber slugs with big bore airguns getting well over .2 BC ratings. With smaller caliber, which I consider .30 cal and under, your typical BC range for slugs is going to be .09 to maybe just a tad over .1. I am slinging NSA 36.2 grain slugs from my FX Maverick right around .1 BC and holding sub MOA groups at 100 yards.

One advantage though with the and small bore airgun slugs is that you can often get them slinging out close to 1000 FPS on some hot rodded gear and easily in that 900+ FPS range even with bone stock equipment. My FX Maverick in .25 cal sniper configuration is my current favorite small caliber slug slinger. As you've seen on my channel I am holding sub MOA at 100 yards, which is critical if you even want to think about going beyond 100 yards. Garbage groups at 100 will look like an even bigger hot mess at 200 or 300 yards.

So I have spent the snowed in time I have right now here in Northern Michigan to build out the ultimate long range shooting platform based on the FX Maverick. In this video I go through all the different accessories and the reason why I choose each to make precision long range shooting that much more enjoyable and repeatable. You still have to do your part, but this gear will allow you to focus on that part vs. wrestling with platform factors that you can zero out of the equation.

First up is stretching out your legs and getting your rear stable. A proper rear support with a bag or monopod will tighten up your groups BIG TIME! Watch in this video what happens when you don't use a rear support. TOTAL shaking shake! Avoiding the teeter totter effect of having your bipod mounted to close to your trigger side is also a huge factor for sight picture stability and ultimately your ability to hold tight groups at long range. The new Saber Tactical Universal Arca Swiss Rail Extension helps you stretch those legs and stable your shooting platform.

In this video I cover a bit about harmonics and how even the most microscopic and presumably small changes to your rifle can shift your point of impact BIG TIME. More to come on that topic, but this was a good primer of what is to come. Stay tuned!

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