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FX Airguns Impact M3 Javelin Slug Performance How Fast Can We Push Them?

Gear Used:
FX Impact M3 in .22: https://utahairguns.com/fx-impact-m3-1/
FX STX Superior Heavy Liner 700mm in .22: https://utahairguns.com/fx-stx-superior-heavy-liner/
Patriot Javelin Slugs: https://utahairguns.com/patriot-javelin-slugs-22-caliber-200-pcs-pre-order/
Atlas Super Cal Bipod: https://utahairguns.com/atlas-super-cal-bipod-w-qd/
DonnyFL / FX Suppressor: https://utahairguns.com/donnyfl-fx-moderator/
Element Optics Nexus: https://utahairguns.com/element-nexus-5-20x50-ffp
ShootingTargets7.com KYL Large Target: https://shootingtargets7.com/products/centerfire-kyl

More FX Impact M3 slug slinging shenanigans. These Patriot Javelin slugs will be available to us here soon in the U.S. through Utah Airguns and it will be worth the wait. In this testing, I wanted to know if the slug shape Patriot has developed could hold up out past 100 yards and if so, what kind of trajectory and BC would I be getting out that far.

All I can say is, HOLY FAST AND FLAT! This little pill is not only is carrying its BC out to 204 yards, I am pushing it barely over the edge into supersonic territory AND still able to keep the slug on metal swinging targets.

In my testing I did find that the accuracy went from really good at barely stepping into supersonic to CRAZY good just under the sonic barrier. Wait till the end of the video where I show a tuning group at 50 yards that is literally dropping each slug into the same hole at 1100 FPS. I have NEVER been able to do that with slugs at 50 yards. Ever.

For whatever reason the combination fo the FX Airguns STX Superior Heavy Liner with the M3 Impact and this 23 grain slug is allowing me to break some rules of airgunning that I have always touted as being a cardinal sin. STAY AWAY FROM THE SONIC BARRIER! Full discloser, these are more accurate subsonic, but was surprising was they didn't fall completely apart when pushing over 1150 FPS. I have tried this little test with pellets and I can't even keep them on paper at 100 yards.

It is an awesome time to be an airgunner and this golden age of innovation with slugs and new barrel innovations from FX Airguns and companies like Patriot Outdoors is taking us into a whole new higher level of airgunning. What a ride!

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