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10th Jun 2020
Is the New FX Airguns Impact .35 cal ready for primetime and 100 Yard Benchrest Competitions? Hell ya it is!

I am going to need some more practice on reading swirling winds and laying off the coffee, but after today and shooting this 25 shot 100 yard group in variable winds just made me a .35 cal FX Impact believer!

Lots of 9s and 10s in that group shooting this regulation Airgun Sporting Association 100 yard benchrest target from Rx Target Systems! In this video, I almost won the carnival giant stuffed bear by shooting out the entire 9 ring! HA!

If you are considering shooting competitively with the .35 cal FX Impact, the Saber Tactical Inc Double Bottle kit is a HUGE plus so you won't have to worry about refills during competition and take as many sighters as you want! Now she's got big lungs!

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