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Every once in awhile you get WOW'd by something that sets the bar for all other things. This thing is the Saber Tactical Chassis system for the FX Airguns Dreamline with Bottle!

After you get this installed on your FX Dreamline (which I cover in this video), you will be initially struck by how bad ass it makes your FX Dreamline look.

After you get past the eye candy of this kit, that is where the true magic happens. The fit and finish and attention to detail on this chassis is insane. From the folding buttstock with magnetic locking and push button release, to the Arca Swiss AND picatinny AND regular camera tripod mounting options AND a T-slot rail that runs along both sides of the Arca Swiss rail to attach any M Lok accessories!

The real game changer though is found in the rear! The butt stock is fully adjustable with an adjustable cheek rest height and now that I have this installed, I am realizing my sight picture on most of my other rifles is TOTALLY WRONG!

The micro adjustments that you can do with this on your FX Dreamline make it so you can set up the chassis like it is an extension of your body. Spending a few minutes tweaking each and every single adjustment from buttstock length of pull to buttstock angle to cheek rest height, now I can pick up my rifle, close my eyes, lay my cheek on the rest, open my eyes and BAM! I am lined up perfectly EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

I paired this kit with an Element Optics Titan 5-25x56 FFP scope with Burris PEPPR one piece mount with 20 MOA built in. My FX Dreamline .25 cal is now a precision long range shooter! Just got a full box of FX Hybrid slugs in .25 cal from Utah Airguns so it is time to stretch this beauty out! If you want to see what PRECISION PERFECTED looks like - watch till the very end!

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