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Element Optics Helix FFP Scope + FX Airguns Maverick Sniper .25 Cal = Sub MOA Slug Groups!

Not only did I get to test out the all NEW Element Optics 6-24x50 FFP Helix scope, but during this process I also found a UNICORN! The FX Maverick .25 cal in Sniper configuration slinging NSA 36.2 grain slugs at 895-900 FPS is accomplishing something I’ve been chasing for a long - long - long time! Consistent sub-MOA accuracy at 100 yards with slugs in a PCP Airgun!

Here are some quick data points from my testing:

* Regulated at 170 bar first regulator and 150 bar second regulator
*.700mm Sniper barrel
* 895-900 FPS 36.2 grain NSA Slugs
* FX Smooth Twist X Superior Liner to shoot both pellets and slugs
* I am getting Extreme Spreads consistently below 10 FPS across an entire 16 shot magazine!

Gear used in this video:

* FX Maverick Sniper in .25 cal: https://utahairguns.com/fx-maverick/
* Element Optics Helix FFP APR-2D MOA Reticle: https://utahairguns.com/element-helix-6-24x50-ffp-pre-order/
* DonnyFL TATSU Suppressor: https://utahairguns.com/donnyfl-tatsu-moderator/
* Atlas Bipods Super Cal: https://utahairguns.com/atlas-super-cal-bipod-w-qd/
* Tactacam Spotter LR: https://utahairguns.com/tactacam-spotter-lr/
* NSA 36.2 grain slugs: https://utahairguns.com/nielsen-specialty-ammo-25-caliber-hollow-point-slugs/
* ERGO Tactical Grip: https://utahairguns.com/ergo-tdx-tactical-deluxe-zero-angle-grip/
* Saber Tactical Adjustable FX Impact Buttstock: https://utahairguns.com/saber-tactical-adjustable-fx-impact-buttstock/

The Helix FFP scope performed flawlessly and being able to know my hold overs at ANY magnification setting will be the exact same makes fast target acquisition super simple. This scope has less than 1% tracking error so you can use clicks vs. hold over knowing your scope will return to a perfect zero every single time. At $479 you can't beat this quality of scope at that price point!

So let's talk about the unicorn I have captured in this video.... MOA and sometimes sub-MOA 100 yard accuracy with heavier pellets on a windless day at the range is becoming more and more commonplace in our sport, but shooting slugs at that same level of precision has been the holy grail. I’ve had glimmers of hope here and there with various combinations of liners and ammo and velocity tinkering, but in all honesty chasing precision slug accuracy has been a challenge. This just might be the unicorn I’ve been seeking.

I actually just stumbled upon this with ZERO tinkering! All I did was take the FX Maverick .25 cal Compact that was sent to me for review and just popped in the 700mm barrel kit with the Superior STX liner. I left the regulator set at the 150 bar it was set at for the Compact configuration with the 500mm barrel. I wanted to see what kind of velocity this gun was getting with a higher 150 bar reg pressure setting with the longer barrel and push the larger 89cc plenum to see what it would do.

So I grabbed a box of 36.2 grain NSA slugs just to get some velocity readings with heavier slugs. I am getting 893-900 FPS over a full magazine with a 7 FPS extreme spread. Not bad at all! So just for giggles I shot a quick 50 yard group not expecting much knowing any attempts with slugs was going to need a full day at the range with my Allen wrenches and chronograph playing with regulator pressures and power wheel massaging. But then it happened.

Holy mother of all single hole groups! At 50 yards I dumped 5 straight shots into one ragged hole. I figured it was too good to be true knowing the danger zone (Top Gun Maverick / Kenny Logins song reference) was that 50-100 yard range where hopes and dreams for Airgun slugs are shattered.

So I backed my shooting position out to 100 yards. Group after group I was dropping those NSA slugs into the most majestic series of 5 shot paper punches ranging from an inch down to 1/2 of an inch! Airgun slug ZEN has been reached!

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