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Sept 27th 2018 Make sure to tune in and watch on the Pursuit Channel starting in December 2018! More info: https://lethalair.com/ We had a great opening day this year with the AirForce Airguns Texan .45! We harvested a antlerless deer for the Michigan 2 day special early season hunt in September. It was a perfect double lung shot at 50 yards. Mule kicked - ran 30 yards - and dropped right there. Didn't have to track her since we say exactly where she went down, but we did check and there was a decent blood trail from about 10 yards from the point of impact to where she went down. So we put venison in the freezer and this younger deer will make for a great tender backstrap on the grill this fall. Here in Michigan it is a family tradition that we grill our early season venison while watching the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving Day. The football game may not always be the greatest - but man - there is always an amazing feeling of victory being able to enjoy that venison with an ice cold beer surrounded by family. You can't beat it!

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