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Cyclops Videos Mailbox 5

Hey guys here is part 5 of my Cyclops Videos Mailbox series . I hope you continue to enjoy these videos as they are a lotta fun for me to make . And it gives me a better chance to answer some of the questions weird and normal for the folks who watch my channel . Below is a link to the Magnification vs Resolution video I was referring to . As well as my other mailbox videos . Thanks as always for watching my videos.

Magnification bs Resolution. Rifle Scope Magnification vs. Resolution https://youtu.be/pgpCviwcYfA

Mailbox number 1. Cyclops Videos Mailbox https://youtu.be/NmaHEc5Fmnk
Mailbox videos 2. Cyclops Videos Mailbox #2 https://youtu.be/lY7B6WN7NPY
Cyclops Videos Mailbox 3. Cyclops Videos Mailbox #3 https://youtu.be/7-27it_OtF8
Cyclops Videos Mailbox 4. Cyclops Videos Mailbox #4 https://youtu.be/d-fI0fgL3IY

Guys here are some links that will help you save some money and get you entered into giveaways and discounts on scopes .

ARKEN OPTICS link . Use my code CYCLOPS at checkout to be automatically entered in a monthly give away . It is also an affiliate link which helps support my channel . https://bit.ly/2RhGrUM

BLACKHOUND OPTICS link , shop and use my CYCLOPS code at checkout will guarantee free shipping and save you 5% https://www.blackhoundoptics.com/

ACCUFIRE OPTICS link , use my code CYCLOPS at Accufire to save 5% on any Accufire Purchase. https://www.accufiretech.com/

VALDADA OPTICS . Use my code when you call Valdada on the Phone and save 10% on any VALDADA purchase. Must be done by phone . Link to Valdada .

If you guys would like to help support my channel directly it would mean more to me and my channel than you can imagine , Thanks in Advance .

PAYPAL . Here is a link to my paypal account so you can help support my channel directly if you choose . You guys cannot know how much it means https://www.paypal.me/JoeWayneRhea

PATREON . Here is also a link to my Patreon account for guys who want to help keep BS Free reviews coming . You guys are the best . https://www.patreon.com/user?u=44896748

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