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In this video i do centre fire goose hunting long range with a 223 rifle from a blind. Egyptian goose pest control is very much needed on this farm that i hunt on. As a pro hunter i do prefer the centre fire, like the 223 rifle, for goose hunting at long range. The 223 rifle is the perfect centre fire for goose hunting and varminting in South Africa. Rifle hunting is tradition in my family and in this video i showcase my skills as a hunter. Goose Hunting from a blind can be huge advantage when it comes down to hunting these geese. These animals can be very alert and outsmart you easily. I do a lot of air gun goose hunting as well in my spare time but i have a devoted passion for centre fire goose hunting. From all the centre fire rifles i think that the 223 rifle is the best for my style of hunting and pest control. My friend that joins me in this video is Barend Nel and is a very experienced hunter like me. Barend is also a huge believer in hunting with a centre fire when you do goose hunting long range. Todays rifle that we are using is a Howa 223 rifle and for ammo we are using a 53gn Hornady Vmax Round. Perfect for centre fire goose hunting long range with the 223 rifle. If you love this style of goose hunting then sit back and relax and enjoy a high action hunting adventure!!!

Gear Used

Howa 223
53 Gn Hornady rounds at @ 3230fps
Element Helix 4-16x44 Scope
Sonic Silencer
MDT Chassis
Otis Smart Gun care cleaning product and hearing protection.

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