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 Wisconsin AirGunners / 234 Views /  22-02-2021

Casual Permissions and one way to get them, Local Regulations and how to stay on the right side of them

First off, this is a video about getting permissions to do pest control shooting. It includes video footage of legal pest shooting, in this case a rabbit. If you don’t like this kind of content, just keep walking.

In this video we explore one way of getting one type of permission, what we will call a casual permission. They are usually on the smaller side, and have manageable problems. In a single session you are likely to see a few targets and take a couple of shots, but a shooting session might only be an hour. You wouldn’t drive across the state to pay a visit, but if you have a few of these close to home you’ll never be left without a place to go when a small window of opportunity opens up on a Sunday afternoon.

We also discuss the regulations for shooting nuisance animals as a landowner’s agent under Wisconsin law. Your state and local regulations might be different, so be sure to check that out.

Does anybody have a good recipe for fresh rabbit?

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