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Can You Believe It More Squirrels on the BackYard Range! Pest Control Wisconsin AirGunners Style

We had a relatively mild winter, and a fairly mild spring. Perfect conditions for squirrels to act like rabbits. Yes, the squirrel factory is open, working three shifts and at maximum capacity.

The day this was filmed, at the end of April, I saw 8 individuals on my acre...that's a problem. That's during a week where I shot 6 over four days!

This might be a good time to mention that THIS IS A PEST CONTROL VIDEO! For folks who don't like to see pest animals legally and humanely dispatched with air guns on private property, perhaps you should NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO.

If, on the other hand, you are interested in seeing the FX Maverick Compact slinging .22 cal JSB Hades pellets at about 906 FPS, then you have come to the right place. You'll see it through the Element Optics Helix. About the only thing you won't experience is the noise of the muzzle, because the DonnyFL Tatsu keeps the whole thing super quiet.

I'm continuing to work with the OrionCam and figuring out the things that work with the FirreFly 8se, and the things that don't. The BackyardRange has lots of light and dark areas, and on sunny day's it's hard for the camera to sort out the exposure. ScopeCamming is not for the feint of heart!

I got my hands on a Tactacam 5.0 and I'm trying it out in this video. I'm curious to hear if you like the effect it has, so please comment.

For more information about the gear used in this video check out the following links:

FX Maverick in .22 cal
Available at retailers worldwide

Saber Tactical Adjustable Butt Stock and Universal ARCA Swiss Rail
Available at retailers worldwide

JSB Hades Pellet
Available at retailers worldwide

OrionCam Scope Camera Mount for Firefly 8SE

Element Optics Helix 6-24x50 APR-C/MIL SFP

DonnyFL Tatsu
Available at retailers worldwide

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