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28th Oct 2019
Here in Big Bore Airgunner Land we like to experiment with various ammunition to test the terminal ballistic effects of hollow point slugs and very heavy projectiles. We do this testing to ensure the ethical means of harvesting medium and big game animals.

With the current airgun technologies and ammunition coming to market recently, we are getting massive take down power for big game hunting. The AirForce Airguns Texan .45 with carbon fiber bottle and TX2 valve for example is the most powerful production airgun in the world and has proven itself to be quite effective in harvesting big game animals.

But what would happen if we tested projectiles on the other end of the spectrum and shoot very light NERF darts? Can a NERF dart be lethal? Would there be enough power to knock down a stuffed animal? Take down a small bird? How about a squirrel? The results may surprise you!

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