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Brocock Sniper XR Magnum (Full Review) + Accuracy Testing w/ Slugs Brocock XR Series PCP Rifle

Purchase the exact gun in this video here: https://www.airgunnation.com/topic/wt...
The Brocock Sniper XR Laminate and other Brocock XR Series PCP rifles are for sale at Airguns of Arizona (https://AirgunsofArizona.com/​) Click here for the Brocock XR Sniper line: https://www.airgunsofarizona.com/inde...

The latest in Brocock's always evolving line of PCP rifles are the 2021 XR Series. These exciting new PCP air rifles utilize a side lever cocking action along with all the latest improvements developed by the brilliant team at Daystate/Brocock. This Brocock Sniper XR review video will show the Brocock Sniper XR Magnum in the beautiful laminate stock. The Sniper XR Magnum features a longer barrel as well as a full 16+ extra foot pounds in .22 caliber. The stunning charcoal black laminate stock available on the Brocock Sniper XR Magnum is not only good looking, it incorporates an adjustable butt pad and cheek-riser! The Sniper XR Series is loaded with features from head to toe. See the Sniper XR up close in this informative Brocock XR Sniper review, as well this Sniper XR Magnum .22 review video also tests the accuracy and overall function of this powerful PCP rifle. Thanks for watching! -Nate

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