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Tired of pellet tins dumping out of the tins into the floorboards of your truck? Wife always yelling about pellets in the washer and dryer? NEVER AGAIN!

Utah Airguns sent me a few of these new speed loaders for all my FX Airguns to review. There are very few accessories that I get to test where I can't live without once I try them. Well... add these to the short list! Check them out here: https://utahairguns.com/fx-speed-dial-loaders/

The brand new Speed Dial Loader for FX Airguns allows airgunners to spend less time loading magazines or more time shooting! Made from high quality polypropylene these magazines are durable and feel great. Whether hunting in the field, shooting competition or just plinking in the backyard, the Speed Dial makes the shooting experience much more enjoyable. The Speed Dial Loader for all the various FX Airguns is very easy to use.

Steps below:
1. Simply pre-load your Speed Dial with pellets.
2. Line up the open magazine with the Speed Dial.
3. Rotate the Speed Dial to wind the magazine.
4. Flip the Speed Dial upside down.
5. Give a little shake and you are good to go.

*Available the following calibers:
.22 - Yellow
.25 - Red
.30 - Blue

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