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6th Nov 2020
Backpackable Deer hunting .50 cal Airgun? Yup! After taking a break from chasing Deer with sticks and strings for a few days, I’ve come up with the ultimate “run and gun” tree saddle / big bore Airgun Deer hunting combo.

The Evanix Rex P .50 cal at 220 FPE slinging 240 grain Mr. Hollowpoint slugs with a DonnyFL Ronin suppressor while dangling from a tree in a tethered saddle! I tried this set up with a few different big bore Airguns, but this small package that can break down to fit in a small backpack hands down is the way to go.

This is basically like bow hunting, but with an Airgun. 30 yards and closer while suspended 20 feet in the air is gonna be EPIC! Rumor has it that AirgunProShop.com just got a big shipment of these guns just in time opening day of Deer season up here in Michigan! Check it out: https://www.airgunproshop.com/shop/evanix-rex-pcp-pistol-35-45-50/

Key Features of the Evanix Rex PCP Pistol .50:

Precharged Pneumatic
Under lever cocking action
Max fill pressure – 3625 PSI (250 BAR)
Barrel length – 10.23 in
Overall length – 20.07 in
Weight – 4.0 lbs
Two-stage adjustable trigger
Weaver Rail
Shrouded barrel
Rear integrated pressure gauge
Manual Safety

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