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Arken Optics Questions and Answers , Arken Update

Arken Optics EP4 ,SH4, SH4 Gen 2 questions answered by the Arken Director of Marketing . Guys have questions about the Arken SH4 , EP4 , SH4 Gen 2 , upcoming arken scopes , and shipping delays and product updates . I’m hoping this video will help guys with some if the answers they have been asking me about . Big shout out to Michael B. for taking the time to sit down and answer you guys questions . I think we covered most everything, the video is longer than my normal videos . But it’s a lot to cover and I wanted to be thorough. Below are video links to my other Arken scope reviews . As well as my affiliate link . Thanks for watching guys , and for sharing my videos .

ARKEN OPTICS link . Use my coupon code CYCLOPS at checkout to be automatically entered in the weekly scope give away . It is also an affiliate link which helps support my channel . https://bit.ly/2RhGrUM

Arken SH4 Gen 2 6-24 video . Arken SH4 Gen 2 6-24X50 Scope Review https://youtu.be/WE_nBllUE7I
Arken EP4 video . Arken EP4 4-16x50 FFP Review https://youtu.be/f8nSuzaZ20U
Arken EP4 turret torture test . Arken EP4 6-24X50 Turret Test Extreme https://youtu.be/mSvh2d8m9_A
Scope of the year . Rifle Scope of the Year https://youtu.be/1yH71oAr2cI
Best 6-24 rifle scopes under $500 . Best 6-24X50 Rifle Scopes under $500 https://youtu.be/xByZXNQHPy8


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