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Sept 10th 2017 Airgun hunting for deer is one of the fastest growing sports - but is it an ethical tool of choice? I had a bit of a dust up with an archery hunter in my local sporting good store. This video is my response to his objections with my AirForce Airguns Texan .357! If you love to see exploding fruit - you'll love this video. If you are a big bore air rifle naysayer when it comes to ethical hunting for big game and deer, then you need to watch this video. The Airforce Texan is an amazing rifle with amazing accuracy when you pair it with the right ammo. Al Clark over at Aeromagnum Ammunition has made quite possibly the most beautiful air rifle bullet on the market. Every round is hand inspected and if you are looking for the perfect round for hunting - this is it. In my rifle I am producing around 250 foot pound of energy and I realize I could be getting easily above 300 if I were to be using 190 and 200+ gr. ammo, but I want the flattest trajectory possible and the 128 gr. Aeromagnum Devastator fits that bill. The extra FPS also helps with hollow point expansion which is key in hunting applications. Check out this video and subscribe to the UpNorthAirGunner channel for all things Big Bore Air Rifles!

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