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Feb 7th 2018 I have shot thousands of pellets and bullets with my AirForce Texans Big Bore Airguns and I can tell you one thing... No matter the caliber - these things are HUGE on power and with the proper practice, tuning, and understanding of how these guns shoot at various pressures and with various bullets, you can turn them into laser beam shooters! Looking to tuning services and gun smiths to do some extra work on these barrels helps out a ton too. David Williams of Hunters Supply offers a tuning service where he will fire lap, re-crown, cut a lead-in for the chamber in the barrel, and find the sweat spot to dampen the harmonics of your barrel. He will literally cut the size of your groupings in half or even more. Check them out at: http://www.hunters-supply.com/airforc...

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