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Nov 29th 2017 The AirFore Airguns Texan Big Bore Airgun can shoot loooooooong range! So after months of planning and practicing I have finally hit my goal of a 1200+ yard air rifle shot with my big bore .357 AirForce Texan. This video is the full documentation of my successful 1250 yard shot at a 21 inch "gong target" (metal trash can lid) shooting over a lake onto an island on a remote backwoods lake in Northern Michigan. The longest documented Air Rifle shot previous to this attempt was 1108 yards from Carl (aka VeryBigrRifle on YouTube). His efforts are amazing and his video shows him hitting a target many times at 1108 yards. Carl is shooting off of a bench rest with a highly customized .257 AirForce mod and I learned a lot from his efforts. Thank you Carl for all that you do for this sport. I chose to shoot off a bag and I am shooting a relatively "stock" AirForce Texan as far as the guts. The only thing I did to the guts of this gun is have the barrel fire lapped. It is a stock barrel and twist rate with stock valve and bottle. I am using the Mad Dog stock which does help firm up the frame. I am tethered to a 4500 PSI Carbon Fiber tank with a Huma external regulator which is set at 3200 PSI on compressed air. Over these last few months I have learned a ton from so many people in the industry that include marksman and manufacturers alike. A special thanks to AirGunDepot.com for setting this path with their Long Ranger Challenge and to many others like David Williams from Hunters Supply - Ron Goodhall from High Arc Hunter Ammunition - Al Clark from Aeromagnum Ammunition - all the marksman on GTA and AirgunNation forums and many others who have have talked with along the way. The final result was shooting a 174 grain High Arc Hunter Raptor Hollow Point cast bullet at 920 FPS with the adjustable scope base at 480 MOA - Hawke Frontier 5-30x50 Scope totally maxed out on elevation (roughly 550 MOA-ish) and holding 3 Mil Dots over the target with windage turret cranked all the way and holding 3 Mil Dots for wind at 1250 yards (GPS and Google Earth confirmed).

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