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Sept 26th 2017 The AirForce Texan is an amazing deer hunting rifle! So after a lot of target practice and taking the top spot in the AirGunDepot.com Long Ranger Challenge with my 350 yard golf ball shot - it was time to buckle down and get serious for the deer hunting season. Here in Michigan we have an early antlerless deer season that is Sept. 16-17 and wow - was I ever successful! I zeroed the AirForce Texan .357 using Aeromagnum Devastator cast bullets and focused on getting a sub 100 yard shot on a deer. Well - long story short - I got 2 doe to come in within 30 yards and they both went down quick. I had a 2 camera set up going with one of the cameras that was over my left shoulder zoomed in a bit on a shooting lane out in front of me, but the deer came out and decided to stay behind a bush to my front left. The cool thing is I had my trail camera still in that very same tree so you can see the deer I was shooting at from this weird angle. All I can say is WOW - the AirForce Texan paired with the Aeromagnum .357 Devastator bullets is an effective combination! I am now a fully converted hunting Airgunner! Join me! Pick up some gear at AirGunDepot.com and get in the woods! Shop here:

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