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26th May 2020
The AirForce Airgun Texan .50 cal LSS is the king of air power! If you like watching meat and fruit explode - you will LOVE this video! I almost had a hollow point hit my iPhone camera and proved to be a great example of how terminal ballistics work in the real world when bone and real animal tissue are involved vs. FBI ballistics gel.

The question if Sabot'd slugs can be shot from big bore airguns is answered in this video! I haven't had the best luck slinging sabots in other calibers, but this gun LOVES .452 slugs in a .510 sabot cup. The Lehigh Maximum Expansion slugs are slinging out at over 1020 FPS with over 500 FPE! 1 3/4 inch of expansion will put a deer down fast especially since they are penetrating enough to get through the entire vital zone.

Utah Airguns: https://utahairguns.com/airforce-texan-lss/
Mr. Hollow Point Slugs: https://mrhollowpoint.com/40-cal-to-50-cal.html
Lehigh Maximum Expansion Slugs: https://www.lehighdefense.com/452-maximum-expansion-220gr-bullet
MMP Sabot Cups: https://mmpsabots.com/store/black-sabot50-pcs/
BBQ Sauce: https://www.dlynnssauce.com/

Full description from AirForce:
The Worlds Most Powerful Production Air Rifle, the Air Force Texan - CF Series, reigns supreme in the airguning world. Featuring our TX2 valve system and a DOT approved, re-testable, and commercially re-fillable 250 BAR carbon fiber tank the Texan is capable of producing over 800 foot-pounds of energy!* Every Texan rifle is made right here, in our Ft. Worth Texas-based factory, with the exception of our match grade barrels sourced from Lothar Walther in Germany. The Texan platform has been in production since 2015 and no other big bore air rifle is as trusted or proven for reliability and lethality. Having taken all manner of game the world over the Texan .50 CF Series is the perfect tool for your next hunt.

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