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Are these wound cavities being created by an Airforce Texan .50 cal LSS big bore airgun or a firearm smacking 10% FBI Ballistics Gel? You wouldn't know the difference!

After a few days of shooting and an evening of playing a fun game of Clear Ballistics Gel Operation I got crazy results I was NOT expecting! I am getting massively expanding .50 cal slugs that penetrated exactly 10 inches when shot into FBI 10% gel with the AirForce Texan LSS! Then to really blow your mind, these Lehigh Controlled Fracturing F5 airgun hollow points are shooting at over 1020 FPS / 500 FPE and exploding within the first 4 inches of the block deploying the petals creating separate wound channels and then penetrating 19 inches!

As a benchmark for penetration with the AirForce Texan .50 cal LSS, I chose to use some Mr. Hollow Point slugs in the 345-385 grain range as they are already a well known go-to option for big game hunting. The 350 grain Mr. Hollow Points and the 220 grain copper Maximum Expansion slugs penetrated exactly the same in inches, but you'll see an expansion size difference. The lead hollow points are exactly 1 inch and the copper slugs are 1.75 inches!

I am getting 1 full inch of expanded Mr. Hollow Point pure AWESOME-ness with these lead slugs shot from the AirForce Texan .50 cal LSS! So as I’m getting my 2020 Deer hunting season short list of .50 cal ammo tested and these new 345 grain HPs are on that list! Zipping out of the Texan .50 cal at around 900 FPS these are both flat trajectory and great accuracy and great power and massive expansion. WIN! WIN! WIN! WIN!

Make sure to check out UtahAirguns.com to get your Airforce Texan LSS before the start of this hunting season. Justin and his crew are awesome to work with and are all hunters like myself. They will help you out as you get into this sport of big bore airgun hunting!

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