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27th Jul 2020
We had an absolute blast the last few days cranking the COLDSHOT base up to 400 MOA and slinging some lead at 1000 yards with the AirForce Airguns Texan .50. cal. Sorry DonnyFL! I had to remove the Ronin Suppressor just to see the target over the end of the barrel.

So I just got back from a fricken EPIC marathon of shooting at the Marksmanship Training Center in Lake City, Michigan. I pulled triggers more times and shot more big bore Airgun poundage of lead in the last two days than ever in my life! That is saying a lot because I have slung some serious lead in a day or two with my AirForce Texans, but nothing like the last 48 hours.

Chad Simon and Caleb Simon from Lethal Air were in Michigan for work so we decided to meet up for some shenanigans. But this trip turned into a down right big bore airgun throw down and advocacy effort to introduce a bunch of shooters to the sport we love.

We shot big bores ranging from 135 FPE with the FX Impact .35 to over 1000 FPE with a modded AirForce Texan .50 cal and I literally can’t lift my right arm. I think the Extreme Big Bore 22mm and African Air Ordnance Big Tex .50 cal actually left visible bruising.

In this video, we demonstrate the raw power of big bores, test some new ammo, and had a great conversation to share with you all if you are considering getting into big bore and specifically Deer hunting considerations with sub 300 FPE big bore airguns.

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