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April 26th 2018 I've been meaning to do this video for awhile as I get a lot of questions about how I tether. In this video we will cover the Huma-Air External Regulator. Instead of just focusing on the products I use, I wanted to make this a bit of an educational video of how I actually tune for accuracy while I am tethered. It was a great chance to try out the Nick Neilson NSA 350 grain Boat Tail Hollow Points as well. I had tested these out last week at 50 yards and was putting shots on top of each other so I was hopeful these would stay true at 100+ yards if I could find the right pressure combination. I have been trying for my Gateway to Airguns (GTA) Nuthin' Under a Hundred (NUAH) Master Rating for quite some time and this little magic pill did the trick. In order to hit this status you have to get 5 consecutive shots over 100 yards within 1 inch all within the #10 ring on the NUAH approved target. Watch this video to see how it went!

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