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 Up North Airgunner / 325 Views /  14-09-2020

THE MOST EPIC AIRFORCE TEXAN .45 cal BIG BORE AIRGUN SLUG TESTING EVER! So here is my big reveal from my testing results with the AirForce Texan .45 and the terminal ballistics from all my favorite ammo makers!

I shot the proven NSA and Mr. Hollow Point slugs that I KNOW will put a Deer down fast. I also tested some new ammo from Lehigh Defense as an example of some exotic ammo options for big bore airguns and got some VERY surprising results!

In this video we also talk about expansion vs. penetration and which of the two I feel is most important when Deer hunting. My stance on this may surprise you. The 2020 Deer hunting season is just a short time away. Make sure to check out Utah Airguns and get a big bore airgun in your arsenal to fill your freezer with venison for years to come!

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