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Aug 31st 2018 I LOVE hunting with my AirForce Airguns Texan .45 and even in its out of the box straight from the factory form - it is an amazing advancement in airgun technology, but I know there is a lot of opportunity for this gun to go to the next level. More info: http://www.africanairordnance.com/424... The big bore airgun market is innovating like crazy right now and we have some amazing rifles hitting the shelves like the Umarex Hammer which is an awesome beast of a gun and will get a lot more airgunners into the big bore hunting game. I had heard about what Jeremy King from African Air Ordinance was doing over the last year or so with his 4500 PSI valve kits for the AirForce Texans so I reached out to him to see how the product development was going. Working with Lethal Air in Virginia - those guys have been doing a TON of R&D on these valves and they aren't done yet. I was able to get my hands on one for some testing and all I can say is WOW! When you watch this video - take a moment to consider that you can get over 700 FPE on the first shot with over 950 FPS or you can set it to have the first three shots in the string all around 900 FPS. In earlier testing that resulted in: 894 FPS - 903 FPS - 894 FPS - all over 600 FPE and that is UNREGULATED straight off of the onboard bottle! That is amazing and for a hunting situation that small of a 3 shot spread as far as velocity is EXACTLY what you want so you don't have to start using your mill dots to compensate for point of impact drop from shot to shot. Ok - so I want to clear the air (pun intended) for a minute. There are shooters out there shooting modified STOCK valves from the AirForce Airguns factory and shooting these with heavier springs and pressures higher than what AirForce says is the limit (3000 PSI). I have had shooters reach out to me and tell me they are running their modified stock valves and bottles at 4500 PSI because of their back of napkin math that they determined to be safe. PLEASE STOP DOING THIS! This AAO valve and carbon fiber bottle have been engineered from the ground up to operate at these higher pressures. These are early results and there is a newer AAO higher flow top hat and larger valve bore that will be here in the next week or so. Stay tuned for those results...

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