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March 19th 2018 Watch this: https://youtu.be/x9u4-ndSuaA The AirGunDepot.com Long Ranger Shot that DIDN'T Make the Final Cut of the PBS Michigan Out-of-Doors TV Show - Big Bore Airguns Highlight! I was clearing off some old raw video footage from my hard drive tonight and found this awesome clip that I totally forgot about. This clip didn't make the final cut of the Michigan Out-of-Doors TV episode back this fall. So here is what this clip is all about... After doing an orientation about big bores and doing a quick shooting demo - just for fun we set up an official AirGunDepot.com Long Ranger ball at 150 yards to see if we could get a hit on camera to be used on the show. The lens flare from the spotting camera was so bad it wasn't usable, but... What happened next I will remember for a lifetime. I was so nervous sitting there next to THE Jimmy Gretzinger - the HOST of Michigan Out of Doors (listen for it in the video - I dropped my bullet TWICE just trying to load my AirForce Airguns AirForce Texan .357). My hands were pretty shakey. Just for context and why I was so nervous.... This is the SHOW we would watch as a family religiously every week since I was a little kid (I am 42 now) to get our "fix" of Michigan hunting and fishing TV coverage. So I have been watching this show for DECADES on PBS... Having the show host - Jimmy Gretzinger - sitting there making wind and elevation calls for me through the spotting scope as I was getting ready to take the shot - that alone was one of the best outdoor shooting / hunting moments of my life. But to hit that golf ball on the second shot with only a single elevation correction. PRICELESS! Check it out!

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