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July 25th 2019 Aiforce Texan .257 @ 330 yards offhand for the Airgun Depot Long Ranger Challenge? YUP! It is possible! I had to watch this video a TON of times and zoom in and go frame by frame because I couldn't tell if I hit it or not. This ball did something I had NEVER seen before shooting up in the air like that. I have been shooting these balls for 2 years now and have burned through dozens of these balls. Hitting the post right under the ball happens quite often, but the ball just drops off the post - it doesn't shoot up in the air like that. So I knew something was different about this shot. In an upcoming video I show how we can use ballistic calculations to prove if I hit the ball or not. Hint: the angle of flight at the point of impact was -120 degrees. Bonus points goes to the person who can describe in the comments how you could prove I hit the ball or not using that known ballistic information. GO! After getting my .257 Texan at Airgun Depot, I shot it bone stock for the last month or so testing it out. This thing is the MOST accurate Texan - hands down. I realized right away this was the slug slinging gun that could do some amazing things. Then AGD announced the Offhand Long Ranger Challenge. BINGO! Challenge accepted! Get your balls here: https://www.airgundepot.com/offhand.html But I needed to do some work to eeek out every ounce of performance I could. So I teamed up with Chad Simon from Lethal Air and Doug Russell from Mad Dog Custom Rifle Stocks to build this precision long range slug slinging AirForce Airguns Texan .257. All I can say is.... Holy. Crap. Using the Heritage Arms Inc. ColdShot Adjustable base, I optically zero'd the Hawke Optics Sidewinder ED at 22 MOA and added in another 43-ish MOA for the 330 yard shot. I cranked the magnification down to 10x and took some sighters. Rang steel on the first three shots. Stood up still tethered to my tank and shouldered this hefty beast (20 fricken pounds) and got to work. I was ringing steel on more than 90% of my shots. I only had a partial box of Hunters Supply 85 grain and a few 85 grain spitzer I cast myself. This was a brand new exploded golf ball right out of the bag from Airgun Depot and you can see the visible lead and scuff mark. I am starting to think Travis Patten sent me a bunch of real golf balls to mess with me! This is truly a airgunner sniper's rifle designed for this kind of shot (except for the fact that it weighs 20 pounds and I can't lift my arms now).

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