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June 6th 2019 Airforce Airguns are amazing work of engineering, but there is a bit of mystery with the AirForce Texan .257. This is my initial review video of this caliber of Texan air rifle and I am fricken excited as hell for a lot of different reasons with this caliber option. The accuracy is awesome and it shows in this video. Hit a Airgun Depot Long Ranger Golf Ball at 150 yards in just 5 shots holding a really tight group! The velocity numbers I am getting is making me really scratch my head though as my testing is showing this caliber of Texan is capable of slinging lead MUCH faster and with more energy than published specs from AirForce. Have I stumbled upon a situation where a manufacturer is actually marketing a gun's velocity specs LOWER than it actually gets?! Is this a case of unpublicized "rolling development and improvement" from the original product release? Do I need to ditch my Chronograph and finally get a doppler Labradar? Nope. I think this is legit! This mystery started actually way back last year when AirForce announced this new caliber at ShotShow 2018. On their website they published "Expected Estimated Velocities" for an 87 grain slug at 960 FPS - see screenshot that is actually still on their website in the FAQs. At that same time I was right in the middle of building up my own custom .257 Airforce platform with the same barrel specs as the newly announced Texan .257. I was getting 920-960 FPS with an 85 grain slug which on paper supposedly was just as powerful as a full blown Texan, but from a standard Condor Ring Loc Valve on a Talon SS frame with 34 inch TJ barrel. Watch here: https://youtu.be/HE94fOTvj_I Then actual Texan .257 product review videos started hitting YouTube around July-August of last year and sure enough - the first batch of Texans that got into shooters' hands were hitting that 960-ish FPS with 82 grain slugs. Mr. Hollowpoint's numbers were right in line with Airforce's estimates specs - watch here: https://youtu.be/ViTxqn41jS4 and even Eric Henderson's review video in December verified these specs as well in the same ballpark: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPZ7e... I also got reports back from several early Texan .257 owners through private messaging that also verified this 950-960 FPS range with 82-87 grain slugs. So here is where things get weird. I watched shooter1721 and Rick Rehm's review from February and he was getting well over 1000 FPS with 85 grain slugs! Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLU7L... So after I got my own .257 Texan from Airgun Depot recently I was really curious to see what mine would get for velocities and overall power. All I can say is - HOLY CRAP! This thing can sling some lead! I have taken it out on three separate occasions under differing light conditions from total full sun to total overcast and dappled light under trees and I am constantly getting over 1020 FPS at 3/4 powerwheel settings @3000 PSI with a cast 85 grain slug! I am not complaining as this is an awesome surprise and a welcomed one at that.

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