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Sept 7th 2018 The AirForce Airguns Texan .45 is an awesome big bore airgun with a MASSIVE amount of energy even in its stock straight from the factory form. But how far can this platform get pushed with 4500 PSI and Helium in preparation for the upcoming White Tail Deer hunting season here in Michigan. So why am I doing this? It isn't just for bragging rights. There is legitimate and practical reasons why I am choosing to see how far I can push the AirForce Texan platform. If you ask any firearm / powder burner hunter you will here this common (yet entirely wrong) stat that to ethically deer hunt you need 1000 foot pound of energy (FPE) from your gun. That makes now sense since there are archery hunters (often the same hunters spewing the 1000 FPE nonsense) that hunt with bows and crossbows shooting around 100 FPE. Now where they have a point though is when you consider shot placement. When you are deer hunting with a big bore airgun you need to be taking shots with archery like placement. Behind the shoulder in the heart area and rearward to try and get a double lung shot. But what about all those high shoulder shots you see powder burners take where the deer just crumbles in place and doesn't take a single step. Well - with that kind of shot you need to be sure your gun can break through not only one - but BOTH shoulder blades. With stock airgun technology out there these days most big bore guns are in the 200-300 FPE range with the exception of a few like the AirForce Texan and (soon to be) Umarex Hammer that can get into the 500-700 FPE range in stock form. But what if you could take these guns into the 700 over 1000 FPE range? With power like that - you can start thinking about taking the highly effective high shoulder shot 50 yards and closer. That is a game changer for airgunners. With this testing I have proven that the AirForce Texan still has the potential to be considered the most powerful big bore airgun in the world. These aren't just stats to show off - these numbers have practical hunting applications. Stay tuned for more big bore airgun hunting information as we get closer to the 2018 Michigan Deer season opening day.

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