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2nd Jul 2020
The AirForce Airguns Texan .50 cal is a beast and we have proven it can sling heavy lead slugs with over 800 foot pounds of energy, but you can't shoot copper slugs from a big bore airgun! .....or can you?

I've teamed up with Lehigh Defense to demo a brand new innovation specifically for the airgunner community! The engineering that went into this concept is pretty sweet.

The issue with shooting normally sized copper slugs through a big bore airgun like the AirForce Texan .50 caliber is that the projectile can't overcome the barrel friction with the amount of pressures we are using. Don't even try it, you will be pounding to get it out and will most likely screw up your barrel.

I've MacGyvered a few attempts in the past to get around this issue using undersized slugs and upsizing them using tactics from teflon tape, graphite coatings, to sabot'd slugs to get around this friction issue all with decent results at Deer hunting range of 75 yards and closer in my AirForce Texan .50 cal.

In working with Lehigh Defense, LLC I can report to you all that they have found some secret sauce to get around these issues. From my early testing, this is an absolute game changer! I give you Lehigh's Controlled Fracturing Big Bore Airgun Hollow Points! These are fricken copper Meat Frag Grenades!

This design is pretty genius in that they have CNC'd these slugs to be an undersized bore riding design to have minimal rifling "bite" along the bearing surface. This technique gets around the friction issue.

They also engineered these sweet gas check expanding fins that flare at the base when the air pressure from your valve smacks the slug creating the needed seal between the slug and the barrel in the AirForce Texan .50 cal.

What is so crazy about these is I am shooting these 240 grain pills over 1000 FPS / 500 FPE and stacking them one on top of another at 50 yards with the AirForce Airguns Texan .50 cal.

At impact the petals shed off in 4 angled directions cutting through organs and creating multiple wound channels within the game animal. The base of the slug pushes through carrying the projectile's remaining mass for penetration. Will it be enough for a Deer? Oh ya!

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