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Airforce Airguns announced the new .257 Texan at ShotShow 2018. Ok - so patience isn't at the top of my list of personality traits. When I heard that AirForce Airguns was coming out with a .257 version of the AirForce Texan, I was SUPER excited. Based on all the testing I have done with the Texan line up of calibers, I have become more and more convinced that the .257 caliber is the go-to projectile for long range shooting for maximum distance, flatter trajectory, higher velocity, and the ballistic coefficient opportunities of known ammo options that are already available. I know the actual Texan .257 is shipping now (or very soon) just as I publish this video, but I just couldn't wait. The new Airforce Airguns High Flow Ring Loc valve was made available pretty much immediately after it was announced at ShotShow 2018 so I got one right away to swap out my 2017 version of the High Flow valve for the AirForce Condor. After testing it with various pellets and .49 cast slugs in .25 caliber I was convinced this valve was up to the challenge to sling a much larger and heavier .257 slug - but it was going to need some extra barrel length to keep the velocity up. I knew it would be good - but WOW - I had no idea it would turn out this good. Based on the published specs of the new AirForce Texan .257 - I am getting the exact same performance with this valve / barrel / ammo combo. Check out this video and if you'd like to pick up a custom .257 barrel for your own AirForce Alamo project - contact Jim Gaska at www.wickedairrifles.com and buy a AirForce High Flow Ring Loc valve / tank from AirGunDepot.com today!

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