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Oct 4th 2019 Airgunners, we have been waiting a few years now for a 700+ FPE airgun direct from a manufacturer and Airforce just become the first OEM to launch a production big bore airgun that exceeds that number by a long shot! Announcing the new AirForce Airguns .45 Texan with a 3625 Carbon Fiber Bottle with TX2 Valve! This thing is massively powerful and with ZERO modding to your rifle we now have a lifetime warranty covered option straight from the manufacturer that can get over 750 Foot Pounds of Energy! Watch in this video as I smack that steel plate! LOVE the sound of it ringing steel at 100 yards! Check out the ShootingTargets7.com AR400/500 steel perfect for the Texan! https://shootingtargets7.com/steel-ta... I've had the privilege to not only test one of the first production units coming out of Airforce Airguns, but was also able to be the first to harvest a big game animal with this new platform! Check out this video that shows off the massive power and come with me as we head out to the woods of Michigan for the 2019 Early Antlerless Deer Season. Time to put some venison in the

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