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Action Armour Quadrant Target from Airguns of Arizona-Meet our new 100 yard wind read trainer

Practicing wind reads is essential for accurate, long range shooting, especially if your goal is to shoot with the big dogs at competitions like RMAC, EBR and the Pyramyd Air Cup.
It’s also not possible to simply “shoot small and close” then hold more farther away...it’s not that simple. You need to practice reading and compensating for varying wind speeds over competition distances or it just isn’t the same.
The problem is compounded by our shortened winter days. With only 30 minutes to an hour of decent but fading light available after work I can’t afford to waste precious time hanging paper targets only to find that after 10-20 shots that I can’t really see where each individual shot is landing.
I think the quadrant target system is the answer. I remember seeing Ken Hicks shooting at one a year or more ago and trying to find a source for them. They were being manufactured under a different company name and the website they were listed on was unresponsive. Airguns Of Arizona has picked up this target, so now you can get them, at least in the US.
For more info about the target visit https://www.airgunsofarizona.com/targets-traps/action-armour-quadrant-target/

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