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A Better Regulator for my RTI Air Rifle Ninja Flex! Orion The Iguana Hunter

Online store: http://www.orioniguanahunter.com

I've been having issues with the regulator on RTI gun where the creep started to go from 10 bar to 20 bar and this was affecting the POI on the first few shots. I decided to change the regulator with the Ninja Flex and I saw Hajimoto was selling those so I order one and decided to document my adventure during this upgrade!

I hope you like it and Thanks for watching.

Ninja Flex RTI Version

Video Timestamps
00:00​ Intro
01:34​ Things to see on the RTI regulator demo
02:19​ RTI regulator demo
03:37​ Introducing Ninja Flex regulator
05:43​ Ninja Flex regulator is installed
06:57​ Adjusting the Ninja Flex regulator
08:45​ Finding the new baseline speed
11:31​ Next day, speed test
15:03​ Wrapping up

~Orion the Iguana Hunter

#OrionTheIguanaHunter​ #RTIPriest​

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