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Remember Quigley Down Under? How about Quigley Up North! “God created all men. Dennis Quackenbush made airgunners equal.” Dennis Quackenbush is a living legend and pioneer of big bore airgun development here in the United States. I was lucky enough to acquire a pair of his .58 cal Outlaw Pistols and I have been blown away - LITERALLY!

If you spend anytime at all in the online communities and forums, you will come across the name Quackenbush or DAQ Airguns. He has been perfecting his handcrafted works of art for decades. I am now a proud owner of his work and wanted to share this video with you to go over the DAQ .58 Airgun Big Bore Airgun Pistol that can ethically take a White Tail Deer. That is the plan anyway. So join me on some fun big bore airgun pistol shenanigans! .58 Cal PISTOL PEW! PEW!

P.S. I apologize about the audio. I dropped my camera in the snow before I started recording. Thus the muffled sound. The challenges of being an airgunner in the Great White North!

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