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Nov 2nd 2017 In my pursuit of the longest shot in the AirGunDepot.com Long Ranger Challenge, I have had the great privilege in working with so many industry insiders that are providing the products and services that are making this one of the fastest growing outdoor sports in the world. In this video - I cover some of the new tweaks I've made to my big bore air gun shooting system from the barrel to the optics to even adding a new stock to my AirForce Texan .357. If you own a Texan - run - don't walk - to your post office and mail David Williams at Hunters Supply your gun for his tuning services! (http://www.hunters-supply.com/airforc...) Between his barrel tune and Dough Russell's Mad Dog stock - my AirForce Texan is now a laser beam shooter! More info about Mad Dog Stocks: http://maddogriflestocks.com/Airforce... So this will be my unofficial 1/4 mile successful shot because it wasn't the ball my scope camera was zoomed in on. I had put up paper targets behind each of the balls to better identify the target locations and I either shot at the wrong ball or one of my shots riccochetted and hit the ball set up on the stump to the right. So my hunt for an "official" and fully documented on

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