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Jet Air Pistol Conversion

16 March 2023 / 272 views / American AirgunHunter

Jet Air Pistol Conversion

The Jet II is a compact airgun pistol and carbine that implements an innovative stock design to provide an air pistol conversion almost instantly.

In this airgun review, we'll take the Hatsan Jet 2 to the range, try out a variety of pellets, and I'll share my thoughts and how this compact air carbine / air pistol conversion fits into my shooting line up.

Spoiler alert: One of the things that sets the Jet II apart, is that it can actually be shot as a pistol! For my purposes, even though I'll probably shoot this gun more as a carbine, it might be the best air pistol on the market, as it has the features for a great small game gun and gives me a viable choice as a usable carbine!

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