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Farmyard Hunt | FX Impact M3 800mm | FX Impact X MK2 700mm Pigeon Dove Hunt | Airgun Pest Control

Welcome to AirTac Hunting. On this channel, we will hunt, design, engineer, and play around with high-precision airguns. It's all about having fun and learning together. In this video, we take on the pigeons and doves around the farmyard.

Your host,
Roelf Vorster


FX Impact Mk2 700mm with a Smooth Twist Superior heavy liner in .22, Element Optics Helix FFP Scope, and DonnyFL Tutsu silencer on the FX Integrated Barrel Tuner shooting 30gr .218 Javelin Slugs at 1000fps.

FX Impact M3 800mm with a Smooth Twist Superior heavy liner in .22, Element Optics Titan FFP Scope, and DonnyFL Ronin silencer on the Hein Frommann Barrel Tension system shooting 34gr .218 Javelin Slugs at 1030fps.

Bipods: AccuTac BR4 G2


Canon XA11 and Rode Video Mic
Eagle-Vision Scope-Cam with a GoPro
DJI Mavic Drone


Roelf's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/AirHuntersRoelf/
Maggie's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/AirHuntress
Tielman's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/TielmanL

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