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ODEPRO KL52-IR Pro 850nm Illuminator Flashlight for Night Vision Scope

If your hunting or shooting with night vision rifle scope, you need a quality IR Illuminator in order to see in total darkness. The Odepro KL52 IR Pro 850nm Zoomable IR Illuminator is a powerfull IR Illuminator that can be used as a flood light or be zoomed down to a narrow beam that will reach over 400 meters! With a range of over 1300 feet, this Odepro IR Illuminator will be perfect for any application! You can find this Odepro model KL52 IR Pro as well as other awesome Odepro IR flashlights and hunting lights for sale here. Thanks for watching! -Nate

My Bravo OTF Switchblade ($99) + 15% off!

45 degree Picatinny Mounts

ATN Night Vision Scopes

If you click onto Pyramyd Air through the links below I will make 5% on the sale for ANYTHING you buy. The same with Amazon and eBay (2.5%). Next time you go shopping, take the time to click though a Youtuber's affilaite link. You pay the same, but a Youtuber will make a small percentage. Thanks guys! -Nate

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