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AEA ZEUS .58 caliber Gen 2 (Full Review) + Accuracy Test w/ KRS Slugs

The AEA Zeus .72 caliber PCP air rifle was an instant success when it was introduced in 2020. No AEA Precision has followed up with a tack driving .58 caliber hunting rifle. This air powered PCP rifle is putting out an amazing 950 foot pounds with 412gr KRS .58 caliber slugs. You can get the AEA ZUES Gen 2 .50 caliber at The Pellet Shop by clicking here: https://www.thepelletshop.com/collections/aea-airguns/products/special-series-zeus-gen-2-58-cal-72-cal-big-bore-air-rifle

The KRS .58 caliber slugs from this video are available in 412gr, 421gr, 440gr, and 525gr at KRS Slug Company by clicking here: https://krs-sc.com/ols/categories/58-cal-slugs

This .58 ZEUS review video will give you an up close look at this outstanding big bore PCP rifle as well as show you the tack driving accuracy that is possible with the right .58 caliber slugs. Thanks for watching! -Nate

The Element Optics Scopes at The Pellet Shop: https://www.thepelletshop.com/collections/all-optics

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You can always find our Youtube Channel by going to www.Air-Gun-Channel.com Thanks for watching!

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